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Agility training


Agility is an obstacle course for dogs - great fun and sport for everyone. Trainings can be undertaken by every dog, those big and small, of diverse races, young and middle age. You can discover a passion for sport in each of them.

Agility is an ability to move your body quickly and easily with your dog on an agility obstacle course. Agility obstacle course, often called parcours is related to the horse riding track, but of course it is smaller. Dogs in agility have to overcome all sorts of obstacles like: dog walk, A-frame, see saw, weaves, tube and flat tunnels, long jump, tire jump and many single jumps. What is specific for agility is that an obstacles are set up each time in different way to make the course with different difficulty and speed.

The purpose of the guide and his dog is to finish the track at a given time and in accordance with the established order of the obstacles. Couple that crossed finish line faultlessly an with the best time wins. Dogs compete on the track without a leash and collar, led only by voice and visual commands. This discipline requires excellent contact between dog and his guide.

Contestants are divided into those who treat as a form of recreation, however, there are those who take this sport very seriously and it becomes their passion. Definitely it’s worth a try.

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Agility Training