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Dog Training School RUSS
We are the Best In understanding dogs in Poland

Dog Training School RUSS offers professional dog training since 1980


Almost every child dreams of having a dog… This is connected with responsibility for child’s safety and comfort on adult’s side. We, as grown-ups, have to care about even the youngest child feel comfortable in companionship of dogs, both- these which belong to us and these which do not.

Courses „Safe Child and Dog” are being carried out by our company at kindergarten and primary schools. Such a course is dedicated for kids from 3 to 8 years old. During „Safe Child and Dog” kids are being told how to take care of their own dogs, consideration is also given to the matter of responsibility for animals. Instructors explain which situations should be avoided in order not to cause conflicts with dog. In the second part of course hints what to do in sudden case of meeting strange dog are provided to the youngest. Children have an opportunity to learn and practice in dog’s fellowship safe positions as „tree” and „turtle”. This course finishes with memorial photography of attendants and instructor. Every child is given a diploma.

As for now 23 kindergartens and 12 primary schools took an advantage from our courses.

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