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Dog Training School RUSS
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Dog Training School RUSS offers professional dog training since 1980






Purchasing your dog, you should be aware of the fact that he will be part of family for several years. Therefore, it is very important to train the dog especially in such a large population of dogs and humans like in Warsaw or its surroundings.

Dog training should start from the first day of his stay in the house. Accustom him to his new place, we do not allow to jump on people, we teach him to respond to the recall "to me", we do not allow eating food off the table and floor. What is the most important we learn him do the physiological needs outside etc. Dog training works best when it starts at the age of 5 – 6 months. The later you decide to train your dog, the more difficult it will be.

Our dog training is not about surrendered dog to his owner. In our courses we teach dog’s good behavior and cooperation with the owner. We use positive training methods based on the natural abilities of dogs. We also teach owners to achieve good communication with their dog in everyday life.

We provide private and group dog training courses for Accompanying Dog (The Course of Dog Obedience) with 1st and 2nd degree. After one of those degrees you can continue on agility training.

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