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Dog Training School RUSS
We are the Best In understanding dogs in Poland

Dog Training School RUSS offers professional dog training since 1980


Do you organize film events, promotion parties, integration picnics, parties for children? Our dog show with animal movie stars could become a new highlight at your party.

Dog Training School RUSS is the only one in Poland, which has the sport-show team, since 1992. For over 20 years our team has taken a part in more than 200 shows in Poland.

Dog stars of diverse size and races, known from films and commercials, take a part in these sport shows. They present their skills during obedience agility and dog’s tricks show. Polish Champions and competitors from World Championships show themselves on the Agility course and compete in races on the parallel tracks.

Our shows include team and individual (for both, children and adults) competitions. Additionally we offer a course for kids „Safe Child and Dog”. Since 1993 our institution has arranged (in collaboration with Pedigree) over 120 agility shows and dog trainings during International Dog Exhibitions organized by Polish Kennel Club.

Our main clients:

Our shows were a highlight at:

  • Boomerang TV party for children 2011

  • „Dni Łosia” – promotion party of Łoś village 2011

  • Ernst &Young - Children’s Day party 2011

  • Mars Poland - Petcare & Food conference, Jahranka

  • Velvet - Labrador’s Parade – Warsaw 2010

  • Orange - Children’s Day party, 2010

  • Children’s Day parties, 2009, at Matki Boskiej Różańcowej Church, Warsaw

  • Mars Poland - Days of Sochaczew, 2008

  • Pedigree „Z psem za pan brat” 2005, 2006 - Łódź, Sopot, Szczecin, Poznań, Wrocław, Kraków, Katowice, Warszawa,

  • Zoological fair ZOOMARKET 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 organized in Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw.

  • Polish Polce - celebrations of 50th anniversary of Police in Police Cynology Department in Sułkowice

  • days of grape picking in Zielona Gora and days of Rypin in Rypin

  • British School - dog’s trainings at Warsaw primary schools during a sport days; our relay of dogs attracted children from British School in Warsaw at Mikolajki

  • SKRA - Kusociński’s memorial at SKRA in Warsaw

  • as an accompanying event during horse competiton WKKW in Stara Miłosna and CWKS Legia Warszawa,

  • fete organized by TKKF Szczęśliwice,

  • „Festyn pod Psem” parties in Wołomin,

  • Pedigree - promotion parties of Auchan Piaseczno, Auchan Zielona Góra, Auchan Komorniki, Hala Targowa "Wola", Galeria Mokotów, Galeria Janki, Tesco Zielona Góra, Tesco Wałbrzych, Leclerc Warszawa

  • Mastrefoods - Day of Collaborator

  • Children’s Day fete in Łęczna, near Lublin

  • Children’s Day in Warsaw (Pola Mokotowskie, Park Ujazdowski).

  • World Dog Show in Budapest 1996,

  • World Animal Day (1993-2004) under a patronage of Pedigree organized In Warsaw (Kępa Potocka, Pola Mokotowskie)

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